Cloud DR Aggregating: your Winning Credit Union Strategy.


On episode #2301 of the Credit Union Broadcast, host Mike Lawson discusses cloud based data recovery with Jack Smith, CEO of Pure IT CUSO,  and Ryan Barbera, CEO of DataCanopy. They dive into how this technology positions the credit union to overcome cost and operational considerations, while optimizing membership service. A core component to this strategy is to partner with a Data Recovery Aggregator- who can specialize in matching the specific needs of your credit union to the best marketplace option.

“You don’t need to spend twice anymore for safe and secure data recovery,” Smith adds as he identifies the new cloud application delivery model. “Now, information utilizes the path of least resistance, and layers critical compliance and security measures into a cost-effective cloud data center.” The value is simple – this cloud option ensures a safe and secure infrastructure that doesn’t bust the budget.

Pivoting from legacy systems, the past decade has leveled the playing field for credit unions contemplating technology moves. With technology advancing at such an accelerated rate,  the vast quantity of information rolling around our digital arena has swollen, and as options are always changing, aggregators have never been more important. It is this symbiotic relationship between a technology strategist and vendor aggregator that unlocks the competitive advantage for credit unions.

Frankly, times have changed, and collaboration has triumphed over competition.

Ryan Barbera, CEO of DataCanopy, offered his perspective on recent work as his firm  successfully helped credit unions achieve a lower overall technology spend while maximizing security. The way these recovery centers protect data confirms the core mission of the credit union, and enables consistent and secure membership service.

“Technology today allows the CIO to focus on the 5,000 critical tasks they are the best at,” Barbera explains, “and has opened the door for IaaS – infrastructure as a Service, making things scalable, available on-demand, and cost efficient for the credit union.”

The days of mystifying technology are over, and together, the powerful relationship between a CUSO and Aggregator slash the dated detrimental silos once rampant in the technology sector, repositioning the credit union for success. Committed to thrusting the industry forward, modern data recovery is more than a compliant checkbox, but has broken the four walls of the branch office. Now, cloud based data recovery can be a leading competitive edge for credit unions by creating dependable pathways where service shines.



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