Credit Union 2022 Strategy Signals a Shift in IT Focus

What could be better than a few days in sunny San Diego? Spending them with fellow credit union technology leaders during Corelation's 10th Annual Client Conference!
In this episode of the CU Broadcast, Mike Lawson chats about emerging information technology trends with the team from CUSO FinTech, Pure IT Credit Union Services. With their strategy-first approach, CUSO co-founders Jack Smith, CEO, and Kyle Stutzman, CRO, share the unique change happening in credit union technology.
“What we see now is a change from what we saw a year ago,” Smith begins, explaining how the perspective has evolved from reactive to proactive. "Frankly, we are moving on."

Executives are no longer in survival mode at the onset of a pandemic, and are now focusing on the future state of their credit union. What we see is the development of larger, long-term plans that move their organization further down its service path. These are technology roadmaps that engulf their business strategy and fuel member service. This has laid the foundation for the credit union digital journey framework.

"Credit unions are sharing their stories and learning from others," Stutzman adds, describing this new conference energy. "Exciting things are happening."
Leaders are ditching legacy versions for Linux X86, unlocking the power of data, and investigating business intelligence and automation like never before. This future mindset adopts continuous improvement and marries technology with their business plan.
And whether you’re talking Cloud or security, there is a CUSO waiting to help. This outlines the unique beauty and symbiotic relationship between the credit union and CUSO. The CUSO mindset is simply to be of service to the credit union. The Corelation Client Conference brings a unique network of service-driven Fintech CUSOs who collaborate with one goal; to help the credit union.
The credit union has a support system standing by to help along every step of this digital journey. For questions, coaching, or to evaluate your current technology path, you have a trusted partner in your corner.
Credit Union Digital Journey Framework
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