CU broadcast and Kyle Stutzman: “You need checkups to stay healthy, so do CU’s.”

PUREIT_KyleStutzman from CUbroadcast on Vimeo.

The 2019 CUNA GAC fostered meaningful conversations between technology leaders and credit union executives. Kyle Stutzman, Pure IT CUSO VP of Business Development, sat down with Mike Lawson from the CU broadcast. Listen how technical strategic assessments identify common gaps, resulting in pinpointing missed opportunities. While credit unions empower their members through digital transformation, technologies have become misaligned over time. Stop putting out fires and start innovating long-term solutions. Bridge technological gaps by holistically placing road maps that refresh  overarching business strategy. Solution framed conversations educate IT leaders on how to move with the business. By developing a macro strategic vision between executives and IT leadership, true transformation happens. It is this process of evaluation and redefinition that executives may break existing constraints and excel their business into growth. Having a road map is imperative; but so is revising the plan. Without strategy check-ups, it is impossible to have a healthy IT implementation. Sustainable, long-term IT is an ongoing, dynamic, strategic process of realignment. The reality if credit union growth depends on the ability to broaden IT strategy beyond a mere digital transformation, but into driving future business value.