CUSOs Collaborate to Strengthen the Credit Union



CUSOs hold a unique role in our industry, united in their joint service mission to collaborate and empower credit unions. From finding new service pathways, optimizing operations, or streamlining complicated systems, their range of specialty expertise fuses into a robust powerhouse that consistently supports credit union executives along every step of their business journey. Unlock the CUSO advantage in this episode of the CU Broadcast, where Community Business Lenders, Pure IT CUSO and Purity Technology discuss the competitive benefits their complementary relationship opens for credit union partners.

“Everyone shares best practices and ideas in our industry,” said Bill Kurtz, CEO of Community Business Lenders, “we need flexibility, and CUSO collaboration gives our industry an on-demand version of collective expertise with a forward leading edge.”

Regardless of the current organizational maturity or challenges within the people, processes, and technologies of your credit union, the CUSO advantage is clear – innovative FinTech capabilities with minimal risk. This entrepreneurial spirit elicits specialty care that enables business and maximizes opportunities, while refuses to become another cost-center or underutilized asset. The CUSO connection threads a cohesive force that drives business and optimizes service pathways.

“You need to know where you want to go from a business perspective,” Jack Smith, CEO of Pure IT CUSO, “the solutions we recommend are aligned with your overall strategy. Technology should never drive your strategy, rather, technology should be placed around what you want to accomplish.”

In a world where competition reigns supreme, credit unions now can tap into a resource of highly specialized consultants, combine industry knowledge with enterprise expertise, and apply the unique characteristics of their credit union, into a wholistic strategy. When these forces converge, a CUSO partnership fundamentally drives organizational health and positions the credit union to succeed.

“We’re an enabler,” said Robbie Wright, CEO of Purity Technology, commenting on the results of this industrial teamwork. “We want to let our credit unions and CUSOs focus on what they’re the best in the world at - membership service, so we can focus on offsetting technology expense and expanding skillsets.”


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