DEXSTA  and  Pure IT: A Powerful  Partnership




Have you ever been so impressed by a good or service, that you wanted to join their business model? For Pure IT Credit Union Services, a high standard of service and an unparalleled bipartisan perspective has allowed this three-year-old CUSO to successfully transform over 50 credit unions. By introducing innovative technology strategies, Pure IT is propelling the credit union industry into the digital era.


In episode #1141 of the CU Broadcast, Mike Lawson explores digital transformation as a tool during his interview with Jerry King, CEO of DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. The duo discussed DEXSTA as a case study on CUSO partnerships, as King offered first hand experience with the service-based start-up, Pure IT.


“We were so pleased with the work and integrity of Pure IT that we were called to invest in their business,” said King.



DEXSTA was facing the common credit union challenges of lost efficiency, increased downtime, and increased transmission time across their entire branch network. Enter Pure IT, who began with an initial assessment, and examined every aspect of DEXSTA’s model, including the technology, personnel and processes within their business environment.


During this initial assessment phase, Pure IT analyzed the entire credit union, from back to front offices, and staff from top to bottom, discovering a chokepoint that had never been identified before. Their network was consumed by technology traffic jams, and the solution was a full-scale design.


“This enormous undertaking was well worth it … and the openness in communication was a true fit from both sides,” King further complimenting the, “knowledgeable and expertise staff,” of Pure IT.


 Understanding there is no one size first all technology environment, opting for a specialized strategic approach resulted in zero downtime experienced by branch staff, with the ability to offer constant and efficient member service. DEXSTA also gained a remote capability that increased member value, from services like DocuSign and remote access.


“Today our network is redefined and working beautifully, and our staff has increased member service, building the business continuity,” King adds.


This technology realignment also added instant value for DEXSTA’s membership, where externally, they experienced faster service and increased productivity at business branches.


Pure IT allowed DEXSTA to achieve goals in addressing redundancy, optimizing business continuity, and elevating thorough incident response plans. This triggered a long-term and mutually benefitable relationship. The [DEXSTA] board of directors was so pleased with the partnership decision, they were called to action, investing in Pure IT.


Pure IT not only solved DEXSTA’s existing network problem but developed a comprehensive and wholistic business continuity strategic plan to facilitate growth. DEXSTA has since signed a growth charter and believe that web-based providers have changed future demand for financial services.


“We went from stuck in the mud …to vibrant,” said King, commenting on the remarkable impact their CUSO and credit union relationship has made.


For DEXSTA, the future is bright. They continue their complementary relationship with Pure IT, confident in independent advice as they ride the technology wave together, innovating digitally to cut constraints and add value to their community.


A Pure IT partnership rejects the generic blueprint and replaces it with a determination to discover the best strategic roadmap for a specific organization, in a purely customized, and purely dynamic, model. Credit unions can’t succeed alone, rather excel in the strength of their community and this is where shared knowledge is power.


Lawson ends his interview with, “That’s the beauty of credit unions, we collaborate and share our stories.”






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