How mature is the technology at your Credit Union?

How mature is the technology at your Credit Union?



Pure IT Credit Union Services is excited to be at the Great New England Credit Union Show!  We'll be in the exhibit hall to talk about any IT service or IT strategic assessment needs you may have on your mind AND we have the honor of presenting this year.

We invite you to join our education session on Thursday, April 27th at 1:30pm.

It is a discussion designed for Credit Union CEOs, Executivies, and IT leaders.

IT Maturity – Is your IT a Strategic Business Enabler?

Trent headshotIs your IT area continuously busy, loaded down with projects and yet key strategic projects that could really help the CU are not being accomplished or maybe not even discussed? Both IT leaders and Execs can feel this way but it can be hard to find the path forward. In this session, Pure IT Credit Union Services will discuss IT maturity from a Gartner Infrastructure and Operations model perspective. This model assesses the maturity of the People, Process, Technology, and Business Management of your environment. The results give you a roadmap to move the organization forward to better economics, quality of service, agility, customer satisfaction, and business contribution. It is possible for IT to provide direct service and enablement of the larger CU’s needs and business goals. We’ll share some examples of how CUs are changing technology from just a cost center to a driver of the Credit Union’s growth and business goals.

Presented by: Trent Henson, Chief Technology Officer, Pure IT Credit Union Services

Come join us at the show.  Here is a 50% off code for any CU Exec to use before April 14th:   PUREGN17
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