Pure IT and Purity: Partnering to serve Small Credit Unions


With this collaboration, the small credit union becomes a mighty competitor.

Pure IT Credit Union Services collaborates with Purity Technology to help small credit unions compete. Kyle Stutzman, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder of Pure IT, joins Robbie Wright, CEO of Purity Technology, in this interview on CU Broadcast. The two join Mike Lawson to discuss their unique partnership.

Their focus is simple - to arm small credit unions with the same technology strategies used by larger colleagues. This collaboration places technology as a foundation towards reaching larger business goals.

Their method is to maximize the tools already in the credit union's arsenal. By creating budget-friendly new opportunities, the credit union improves from the inside out. By layering these adjustments, credit unions enjoy a long-term return on technology investment. The exciting part? Credit unions are getting more from the same tools they already have.

"We can reduce complexity, enhance security, without adding new costs," Stutzman adds.

"We're able to take something the credit union is already spending money on, and expand it. [Credit unions] are cutting excess spend and unlocking new benefits," said Stutzman. "We can add 10 times the value with something that is already at their fingertips." 

For small credit unions, Microsoft 365 is one common tool that is often under-utilized. Addressing this suite alone addresses two core business needs: remote staff and cybersecurity.

"Investing in implementation is more important than investing in a tool alone," Wright says, "buying a scalpel doesn't make you a surgeon."

Why is this so important? Technology is changing at lightspeed, and new needs have emerged. For credit unions, remote users and cybersecurity are at the heart of the new service model. Finding new ways to meet these changes is core to the service mission.

With features and functions changing every three to six months, keeping up with licensing is critical. Combining this with a trusted partner who understands the credit union business, positions you to serve.


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To view this entire interview, please visit Credit Union Broadcast here :https://vimeo.com/488760780