Rapid Remote Workforce for the Credit Union


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Jack Smith and Kyle Stutzman unlock credit union remote strategy on this interview with Mike Lawson, on the CU Broadcast. 


In age of social distancing, travel restrictions, and constantly evolving current events, a new normal has begun to form. While we Keep Calm and Serve On, remote work has graduated from a luxury to business necessity for many industries and credit unions are not excluded. Woven in the fabric to serve communities with more than just sound financial offerings, but a sound moral compass, the credit unions have an opportunity to ignite their inner strength; service. By creating a remote service pathway, credit unions can emerge as trusted pillars of stability and community support. 

Pure IT Credit Union Services founders, Jack Smith and Kyle Stutzman, join a video chat with Mike Lawson in this episode of the CU Broadcast, from what is now becoming more and more common in our daily communication mechanism, remote team collaboration.  

Remote is not a technology, it is a strategy, and an essential tactical method to do our part as community members . If a few technology adjustments can enable a rapid, fully robust, and capable, workforce- then membership service soars and staff are supported. A Rapid Remote Credit Union is one that follows these basic strategic steps : Assess, Prioritize and Act, from basic immediate modifications to deploying a full scale remote environment; igniting powerful results across the organization. 

Cradled in the expectation of constant improvement, this Assess Prioritize Act Model becomes a key navigation tool when leadership faces cost benefit analysis to map the required strategic moves that both optimize and mitigate current environmental factors. In a world of constantly changing conditions, remote tools create a proactive model where  adaption and flexibility reign supreme. 

As we plot these uncharted waters together, don't be hindered by the sudden need for a remote credit union - be empowered by it. Now is the chance to show our communities the depth and purpose behind the credit union. and to remind our teams that working remote is not working alone. 

For more interviews with Mike Lawson, please visit : https://www.cubroadcast.com/episodes/2040-how-virtual-desktop-infrastructure-can-help-credit-unions-with-remote-workers-during-covid-19-pandemic

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