Tech Leader Vacancy? Steps to Strategize your Credit Union

In the fast-paced world of Information Technology, teams are moving. Many of these career changes are leaving credit unions with vacancies in critical tech leadership roles. What steps do you need should your credit union face this scenario? In this episode of the CU Broadcast, Mike Lawson, and Kyle Stutzman, Pure IT CUSO Co-Founder, unlock how to navigate this event.
"This is a real thing happening in our industry," Stutzman begins, explaining the drivers contributing to tech talent moves. "Top technical resources are leaving for many reasons. Some are recruited externally, while some are seeing the current marketplace as comfortable for a change... and the spike in remote work has changed the job market by opening new areas."
It's important that we don't assume this movement as negative, and realize it can create an opportunity for the credit union. Should a  technology vacancy occur, here are some steps to strategize your credit union through this leadership gap:
Step 1: Center efforts around your credit union's technology roadmap. Frame this event while keeping the larger picture in mind.  Ensure this roadmap is communicated across your leadership team. Know what priorities you have, and how you intend to reach them by using technology as a way to achieve the business goals of your credit union.
Step 2. Identify your location. Where are you currently in your technology roadmap, and what do you have down the road? Understanding your Infrastructure and Operational maturity is key. 
Step 3. Examine how this role affected the people, processes, and technologies within the entire credit union. Technology leaders impact more than their IT departments.
Step 4. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your Technology team.  Understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Apply these attributes to the overarching business goals of your credit union.
Step 5. Determine the scope of this vacancy. Is this vacancy impacting projects, enterprise initiatives, member experience?
Step 6. Make IT initiatives, credit union initiatives. Adopt these as common priorities and share information across departments. 
Remember, when in doubt, your technology roadmap is your blueprint for these changes.

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