The Overlooked Value of Hyperconverged and Software Defined Solutions

data convergenceThe Overlooked Value of Hyperconverged and Software Defined Solutions

For those watching technology trends, software-defined solutions have risen from experimental toys to their current status of being the preferred solution for enterprise environments. Nutanix, SimpliVity, VxRail, and many other software-based solutions are often on the list of solutions being evaluated by credit unions.  One example of the rise of software-defined solutions is seen in the maturity of VMware's all software based Hyperconverged infrastructure.  Gartner now lists VMware's all software solution in the leaders' section of their magic quadrant joining Nutanix, Dell EMC, and HPE which are all solutions that are innovative because their software is built into a branded hardware package.

Many tech leaders and writers tout the management efficiency or reduced cost, without focusing on a more significant value.  Software-defined solutions are aware of the work and tasks happening in environments in ways that were never possible before.  Security and business processes become part of the policies built into the architecture and not afterthoughts.  The lines between technology policies and business rules begin to blur together.  Business goals and benefits become the focus instead of infrastructure management.  The enabling of the business's processes and needs are the true value of the current software defined technology trends.

Reference link for Gartner's magic quadrant for hyperconverged solutions:

“Gartner now recognizes the critical role that software plays in modern HCI solutions. Customers of all sizes and shapes are turning to software-defined technologies to introduce greater agility into their data center and to reduce costs thanks to simplified management and cost-efficient, industry-standard hardware.”  - Full Article: