Time to Tighten Down the Newly Remote Credit Union

Now that remote work is here to stay, credit unions are tasked to evaluate and strengthen their technology  through a compliant and secure lens. 

On this episode of the CU Broadcast, Alex Hernandez, Vice President of Emerging Technologies with DefenseStorm, joins Kyle Stutzman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development with Pure IT CUSO, discuss the moves credit unions are taking to mitigate this new shift.

"It's easy to walk-in and unplug a network cable, or lock-down something down locally at a branch,  but doing that with a remote user is a whole new challenge," Alex Hernandez remarks, identifying the new need for next gen capabilities that drive the credit union further down their technology path. 

More than relying solely on tools, but including the overarching policies and personnel skillsets of the entire organization allows leaders to accurately diagnose gaps in existing credit union technology systems. This adaptation process unfolds into a long-term roadmap where this technology shift transforms the credit union into a technology institution with financial services; a decade jolt forward in standard industry practice. 

Including predictive toolsets allows for new sustainable ways Chief Information Security Officers can proactively detect threats on the horizon, and patch tiny cracks in the helm of your credit unions' compliance protocols. 

And with legacy thinking about traditional systems, good controls have created new complications for the surge of employees working from home. Is the office laptop missing months of patching? How secure it the home connection? These are the kinds are ripples that leave credit unions exposed.

Conquering our new digital service platform depends on an agile yet robust strategy where security measures are layered into the people, processes, and technologies of the credit union.

Listen to their entire conversation below, or watch more Pure IT interviews here: www.cubroadcast.com